IQ Group


About us


IQ Group is an organisation specialized in business consulting services in the field of sustainable development, environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Some of the services we offer our clients are:

  • Projects preparation for co-financing from the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency (EE, renewable energy, the environment, waste)
  • Architectural and engineering for energy refurbishment projects of buildings
  • Consulting in the field of sustainable/green business
  • Creating a sustainable development strategy
  • Energy consulting
  • Providing technical assistance on preparing, application and monitoring of efficiency projects, renewable energy and waste
  • Energy performance of buildings audits (residential, commercial and public buildings, industry)
  • Energy audits of public lighting
  • Energy performance of buildings certification
  • Deatiled energy audits (residential, commercial and public buildings, industry)
  • Development of energy efficiency studies and renewable energy
  • E-Mobility
  • Techno-economic cost effectiveness analyses
  • Investment analyses
  • ESCO projects management - preparation, planning and implementation
  • Consulting on renewable energy sources
  • Advice on green building
  • Studies of biodiversity
  • Economic evaluation of biological parameters
  • Education in the field of environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Implementation of Quality management systems (ISO 9001) and consulting
  • Implementation of Environmental management systems (ISO 14001) and consulting
  • Implementation of Energy management systems (ISO 50001) and consulting
  • Introduction of paperless office
  • Life-cycle analyses (LCA) and LCIA studies
  • Sustainable Supply Chain