Project design



Recycling yard is a location for disposal, sorting and temporary storage for some kinds of waste. It contains the space for the reception of useful waste (paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, glass, cans, plastic, green waste, packaging waste, etc.), but also contains a space for the reception of certain types of hazardous waste (pharmaceuticals, waste oils, batteries, toner cartridges, batteries, etc.).



Based on Energy audit of the building, architectural project for energy renovation is made. It contains existing condition survey, calculation of thermal energy necessary for heating the building before and after implementation of the selected measures, calculation of the achievable savings and so on. In dependence on designed measures, mechanical and electrical installations projects are also made.

Energy renovation of buildings Projects are co-funded by various institutions. Reliable, professional and well-made projects can realize up to 80 percent of co-funding for project documentation and implementation of energy renovation measures.

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