Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency means using less energy for heating and cooling of the building spaces, hot water supply, ventilation, air conditioning and the like, preserving a level of comfort in the building. Energy requirements can be determined by conducting energy audit.



Raising the awareness about energy consumption, exhorting change of bad habits and wrong beliefs related to energy consumption is one of the most important reasons for buildings energy performance certification (EPC). It gives definitive data on energy consumptions in buildings and illuminates ways for saving money by being more energy efficient. Saving energy is not only cost effective in a “less consumption - smaller bills” kind of way, it contributes to global environment protection as well.Buildings EPC is a process of determining buildings energy performance, in other words, determining amount of energy needed to meet the energy needs for heating and cooling building spaces, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and the like. EPC takes data on energy source and water consumption and determines characteristics of individual building components.

Based on Energy audit, analysis and calculations, energy rating for the building is determined and Report on energy performance review and Energy performance certificate can be issued.

Energy audit contains proposed measures for improving the energy efficiency of individual building components, or the building as a whole.

Energy performance certification is carried out by personnel authorized by the relevant Ministry.

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