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Green Office is a name for a set of activities which employees should practice regularly in their daily office operations in order to reduce costs for energy and used material. Also to increase the efficiency of resource use and reduce environmental impact. Green Office activities are primarily related to the implementation energy-efficient behavior. Human factor is very important here, and results and savings depend on the willingness to change behavior patterns, but also on the level of education on the subject. With the introduction of Green Office we want to reduce overall costs for energy and water as well as the material used in offices. By increasing the energy efficiency of each public administration and business entity, other than a smart energy management, achieved financial savings can further improve their business and invest in new projects and development.



Green business is a project which aims to introduce a systematic environment, energy and resources management and at the same time to educate employees of the organization itself but also affect all other stakeholders. Green business is the synergy of economic profit, environmental concerns in the widest sense as well as social involvement in the community. Green business is a method of operation in which no negative impact on the local and global environment, community, society and economy is made.

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